You can’t die in two places at once, and you can’t be born in two places at once.

But after about a quarter of your life, you’re able to decide for yourself where you want to be.

What criteria have you used?

Often, cultural and national boundaries dictate our movements. We speak English and we know English culture, so we live in England. It seems easier.

But there is so much of the world that is English-speaking – at the last count 53 separate countries or entities spoke it as an official language, and that doesn’t even include the United States. Why not live in one of these places?

I use language as an example because I do feel it is very important to be able to speak the common tongue of an area in order to feel TRULY at home. This may seem a controversial statement, and it isn’t intended to be xenophobic or unwelcoming…but it must be incredibly hard for non-English speakers who arrive in Britain to make their home.

Still, more important than that for many of us is closeness to family. Of course, it’s possible to fly almost anywhere in the world within about 24 hours, but does that mean we feel comfortable with the distance? If I went and lived in Australia, I know I’d miss my family and friends and have to spend a lot of money getting back to visit, so I don’t do it.

And then the numbers games start – how many times should I return? How much would it cost? If being satisfied costs that much, and requires that much forward planning, and that many journeys, perhaps it’s just better to find an equidistant point between all your loved ones and be done with it?

I think, instead, we should just search our hearts. Do we feel more alive in the city or the country? Do we enjoy colder or warmer climates? Do we value fixed abodes or strive for fluid communities? Do the friends we love live nearby, and is the pull away by other factors enough to shift us?

These are the kind of questions to answer about home, and I’m still pondering them.


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