NEW BLOG: The Green Party can win Bristol West in 2015

After a long Thursday night at City Academy, the dust has settled on the most staggering set of local election results for the Bristol Green Party yet.

For a full analysis of the results, see my blog here, but it is worth just bringing one stat to your attention…

If you take into account the last ward election for each of the nine (9) Bristol West wards, the Green Party has the highest vote share – 28%. Labour have 26%, the Lib Dems have 24% and the Conservatives have 13%.

Source: Simon Stafford-Townsend, Methodology used: only the last local election result in each of Bristol West's nine (9) electoral wards
Source: Simon Stafford-Townsend, Methodology: vote shares calculated using only the last local election result in each of Bristol West’s nine (9) electoral wards

Now, these are local election results, and shouldn’t be used to extrapolate directly to share of the vote for the parliamentary election. The 28% on the pie chart above compares very favourably to the 3.8% the Green Party gained in 2010 in the Bristol West parliamentary seat.

However, it is clear that people in Bristol want to vote Green, that the Green vote share is increasing and – most importantly – that a Green vote is not a wasted vote. If everyone who voted Green in local elections voted Green in Westminster elections then in 2015 we might elect a Green MP who really stands up for Bristol West citizens.

The signs are good:

  • The Green Party in Bristol is growing. Our latest estimate is that we are gaining one new member every two days.
  • This coheres with the national picture. The Green Party of England and Wales has now passed the 15,000-member mark. People across the country are realising that we need a radical, sensible alternative to the largest parties.
  • 1.2 million people voted for the Green Party in the European elections this year.

We now have 6 councillors, all of whom would love to speak to you about getting involved with our campaigns: (Bishopston) (Ashley) (Ashley) (Southville) (Redland) (Bishopston)

We need your help, because the future we need and want to see will only be realised if you join in and make it happen!

You can join the Green Party of England and Wales here:

You can read more about the Greens in Bristol West here:


7 thoughts on “NEW BLOG: The Green Party can win Bristol West in 2015”

  1. Rob, what impact do you think that Molly Scott Cato’s election as MEP for the South West will have on Greens’ chances in getting an MP in Bristol?


  2. Great reading Rob – I’ve just joined the Green Party at what I think is a really exciting time. Although not based in Bristol (I live in North Somerset) I hope the success is infectious across the SW region, especially in light of Molly’s election as an MEP.


  3. Reading the above made me want to arrange to come and help canvassing this autumn in Bristol…and visit my old haunts and contacts…but I am busy enough with getting a campaign off the ground in Aylesbury Vale…and failing in my promise to help 5 times in Brighton before May….but a weekend door knocking in Bristol would be fun! I think we need to do more to sell campaign tourism!

    David Lyons
    Aylesbury Vale Green Party


  4. Sam – quite a lot, although not the only thing that matters. The main thing is a strong campaign team and a horde of volunteers!

    Thanks David D!

    David L – we would be delighted to have you! Could you email Alex on and we can add you to our supporters list?


  5. One of the most promising things about this is that the parties just behind us are Labour and the Lib Dems, so tactical voting to keep the tories out by uncertain Greens can be reduced. I hope your leaflets will be pushing that a lot 🙂

    Good luck fine people from North Staffs Greens.


  6. There is a mountain to climb to come first , though second place to Labour is highly likely ., as Bristol West becomes a four-way split. It didn’t happen overnight in Brighton , and won’t here either . I can quite imagine the Lib vote halving , but I doubt the Labour vote will drop much .


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