Why I am standing for Elections Coordinator


I’m excited to be able to make this announcement, not least because it gives me something positive and active to push into amidst the chaos that is engulfing the UK’s politics.

The Greens are a beacon of hope. Our presence on the ballot paper is needed. Even if people do not agree with us, they can respect the sincerity with which we hold our views and the honesty that we bring to public life.

I only realised quite late in the day how important elections are. I was 26 when I took the plunge and become a Green Party member, but I (and we) must never forget that electoral success is intricately linked to our activism in the social and environmental movements of our day. I am proud of our development into a campaigning force across this country, and I want to serve the national party as an ambassador for good practice of election campaigns and lead us to greater and more sustainable electoral success in the next two years.

I will flesh out further the ideas I have for this role in due course, but for now, I am keen to hear from you about how we can improve our electoral success, our organisational practices and our national set-up.

Email me: rob.telford@bristolgreenparty.org.uk
Tweet me: @GreenRobTelford
Like me: Rob Telford for Elections Coordinator
Add me: Rob Telford
About me: Rob Telford


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